Welcome to my small personal archive dedicated to one of my 
obsessions- the forbidden love of Willow and Angel. This page exists 
as an archive for the fanfics I write, which has only been Willow/Angel
storiess up until this point. What can I say, I'm very loyal. Hope
everyone enjoys the stories. They're here for fun and there has 
never been any copyright infringement intended :) 

Things Change Incomplete. Parts 1-12 posted here. This story is my first fanfic. It takes place after Becoming. Willow has rescued Angel from Hell only for the two of them to fall in love. When Buffy returns problems ensue. Not to mention that gorgeous mysterious guy who's come from the past to reclaim his lost love. Status: Incomplete Category: Romance... Angst Spoilers: Becoming I/II Rating: PG-13 Betrayal This is a short relationship piece that revolves around Angel/Willow/Xander. Status: Complete Category: Angst Rating: PG Unexpected Love This story is a short Willow/Angelus piece set in the middle of season two, before Becoming I/II. Status: Complete Category: Angst/Romance Spoilers: Becoming I/II Rating: PG-13 Second Chances This story takes place a few years in the future. Whistler sends Angel back to right a wrong. Status: Complete Category: Romance/Angst Spoilers: Graduation Day I/II then diverges from canonical Buffyverse Rating: PG-13 The story is an Angelus/Willow/Angel romance with some interesting twists along the way. Many of the parts push to NC-!7 so if you're under 18 do not read this story. Try some of my tamer fics :) Status: Complete Category: Romance/Angst Spoilers: After Surprise/Innocence, Before Becoming I/II Rating: R/NC-17 (in certain parts) Prologue- Part 3 Parts 4-6 Parts 7-9 Parts 10-12 Parts 13-15 Parts 16-18 Parts 19-21 Parts 22- Epilogue Author's Note: Those of you on the Willow/Angel list will know that I finished this story a couple of months ago. I haven't added the last parts to my archive because I am in the process of rearchiving this story so that it is broken up into about 3 parts per page, that way it will take less time loading each section. If you are coming to this page as your only source for this story and you can't wait for the update to finish reading it, please email me and let me know. I can email you the last parts.
Walking With The Wounded Series This series contains 4 songfics and deals with the question "What if Willow was turned and blamed Angel for not saving her?". Each part revolves around either Willow or Angel's POV. Status: Complete Category: Romance/Angst Spoilers: None. Set at a future point. Rating: R (for adult themes) Part One: Wounded Part Two: Half in Love and Half in Hate Part Three: Last Goodbye Part Four: Letting The Cables Sleep
Deep Inside of You A short songfic. The story is from Angel's POV as he mourns the lost love he can't have. Status: Complete Category: Angst Spoilers: Set in the middle of Season 3 Rating: PG
No Lonelier Place A Short Songfic. This one is from Willow's POV as she reflects upon her "relationship" with Angel. Status: Complete Category: Angst Spoilers: None- Set at a future point. Rating: R (for mature themes) Coming Soon: Don't Love Me The Hidden Dreamlife of Angels Playground of Tears Paradise Lost Angel of My Past Willow Images Angel Images

Other great Willow/Angel fanfiction sites. *NOTE* I plan to add more links just as soon as I get myself into order. if you want me to add your site to my list just let me know. Melinda Dawney's Site Includes the incredible fanfic Friendship. This is the story that got me into the idea of Willow and Angel together, along with just about every other Willow/Angel lover. It's a really incredible story and melinda's other pieces are great too. What can I say, she's just so multi-talented :) Angel of Mine Fever of Fate The New Place- Willow/Angel FanFiction

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